What is a Healing Stone Massage?

Many massage practitioners and recipients of Healing Stone Massage describe this healing modality as "five times more relaxing than ordinary massage".

Massage promotes relaxation, peace of mind and a sense of well-being. Throughout history documentation of the lineages found in many forms of traditional medicines apply the basic foundation of massage techniques.

Massage therapists, reflexologists, reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, naturopathic physicians and aestheticians are implementing Healing Stone Therapy. As you can see there are a number of healing modalities that integrate Healing Stone Massage.

Suzanne is certified under Carollanne Crichton of Stone Temple Institute in Essex, Connecticut who has dedicated much of her experience and knowledge developing this modality.

Healing Stone Massage integrates the application of thermo therapy using stones in a clinical setting such as chiropractic, massage clinics and home based business settings using healing modalities.

Healing Stone Therapists are educated in the science and physics of geomagnetism, geology and thermo therapy. Individuals are taught how to locate and work with igneous and metamorphic stones.

The stones are selected with specific sculptural shapes for body placement. The therapist fits a stone into the contours of the body such as a neck roll, triangular sacrum stone or heart shaped stone for the heart area. Client safety, sanitation and hygiene of equipment, as well as the understanding of stone temperatures, are deeply integrated within the therapist. This ensures a Healing Stone Massage that provides the client with the best and highest well being.

Since the stones are the foundation of the earth, the electromagnetism of charged ions can be found in every particle of the earth. "Essentially we are human batteries, surrounded and animated by an electromagnetic force field which potentates and normalizes our systems through the infinite ion exchange process."
- Carolllanne Crichton.

Therefore when an individual is under stressful conditions, many chemicals and hormones are released and these alter the ionic matrix of the electromagnetic field producing excessive positive ions. The direct application of heated stones in combination with skilled bodywork techniques can have a beneficial effect on the detoxification system, lymphatic circulation, peripheral circulation and the nervous and endocrine system.

*** What are several features that make the stones used in this massage stand apart? ***

The stones are sea-smoothed and highly sculptural. We select them with an eye to specific contours of the human body. For instance, we see a sacrum, or a heart, or a liver shaped stone and we sense that this is exactly what this stone is for. Likewise, we select comfortable, cylindrically shaped stones for our neck rolls, or, more gently gradient, sloped stones as occipital wedges for the client with a smaller reverse curve of the cervical spine. Each and every one of our stones is hand picked, hand washed, hand paired (in the case of the spinal layouts which come in pairs) and then tested right on the massage table for comfort BEFORE we integrate it into our massages.

Our stones come from the Canadian Shield and the Scotia Shelf, which is the oldest rock formation on the planet. They have been assessed by the USGS to be over 500 million years old, and to contain the highest concentrations of ore. This iron ore is what makes a stone a natural permanent magnet, and also is what allows it to gently radiate its warmth for up to forty minutes per application. You will notice the difference instantly if you compare these to common basalt and river stone. River stone and most basalt contain high silica and lava (which is actually volcanic glass) and tend to spike up to a hot temperature very quickly, but also tend to cool as quickly. It is for this reason that we recommend these stones be used only for massage of the surface anatomy and that they are kept in constant motion to avoid burning. Our stones are used primarily in the Foundation Layout protocol, which is developed to promote nurturing and soothing, rather than stimulation and increased energy. For this reason, a warm radiant heat is preferred.

If you are interested in viewing the Stone Temple Institute which Carollanne Crichton created, you may reach it at: